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Gratitude, if you look it up in a dictionary, is "feeling appreciation". This does not describe the power of feeling gratitude. For me, it is "A deep, in every cell, feeling of thankfulness". When I feel grateful for something, it fills my heart with joy, and every cell of my being experiences this joy. 

I am filled with gratitude! Every moment I am experiencing a deep abiding gratitude for everyone who took part in helping to raise enough money to have a successful Indiegogo Campaign for Inanna House

There are many people who shared this experience with us. Sarah Lamando, who decided to do something to get Inanna House really moving toward fruition and created the campaign. She got people to donate their art, books and other goodies so that those that gave received as well. I am forever grateful to Sarah. Throughout the campaign she was diligent and attentive to the process of working for success, despite her own struggles with Lyme disease. She is one of my heroines! Sara Donnelly, who took our vision of Inanna House and shared it with you all. She has created and maintained the websites and social media platforms, building valuable relationships and keeping them active and interesting. Without her efforts, we would still be dreaming about this project. There are many individuals who posted daily, asking their friends and family to participate and donate. We could not do this without you! And to those of you who did donate, I honor you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

My vision for Inanna House began many years ago and I have always known it was a collective vision. We are manifesting this vision now. It is happening because all of you are giving your energy to this project. I know in every fiber of my being that we will succeed, and Inanna House will thrive. Together we are creating a new paradigm in health and healing while creating a place for those sick with Tick-Borne Disease to find a way to recover.

Blessings, Mara

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"We all strive for balance in our lives. If you find yourself striving for inner peace and a sense of harmony, it takes more than a good attitude. Our sense of self is regulated by neurotransmitters, hormones, and many other cellular functions within our bodies that influence our stamina, immune function, sexual drive, and nervous systems."

Nurse Practitioner and Energetic Healer, Mara Williams has been a health care provider for over 30 years. For 15 years, Mara worked in Hospice, helping people at the end of their life. For most of her life she has been devoted to a spiritual practice and developing her gift of working with energy. Eventually she returned to school at UCSF to earn a Masters and become a Nationally Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner so she could have a greater impact in helping people heal. Currently, she specializes in treating people with Tick Borne Diseases (TBDs), using an integrative approach to help them attain greater health and well-being. The secret to healing is discovering the root cause of the problem, and this is what Mara does best.

Besides being a provider, Mara has personal experience as a mother of a child with Chronic Lyme Disease. It has given her a greater understanding of what patients with TBDs experience in the Medical World of Western Medicine and how difficult it is to find a Lyme-literate provider who recognizes and understands the complexity of these chronic diseases.

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