Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sharing The Message Of Hope

The Holidays are here. It is a time for Family and Love, and a time to Share the Message of Hope for the coming year. If you are struggling, or know of someone who is struggling, with Chronic Lyme Disease, I would like to suggest  Nature's Dirty Needle as a Holiday gift. 

I have consistently been told that Nature's Dirty Needle is informative, easy to understand, and most importantly, Hopeful. My book not only sheds Light on Chronic Lyme Disease, but it also sheds Light on those who are sick and have felt like they were living in darkness. Now many feel Heard, Supported, Acknowledged, and Less Marginalized. One spiritual law says that if you focus your attention on an issue, it will Grow and Expand. Focusing Light and a Message Of Hope on the issue of Chronic Lyme Disease will allow Positive Awareness to multiply.

It feels as if there is a shift occurring. Awareness is increasing outside of the Lyme community. As a community those that know and understand Chronic Lyme Disease are there for each other. It is now time to get those that don't have a clue how many hundreds of thousands of people are sick with these infections, to become aware. My good friend, after reading Nature's Dirty Needle, was amazed at how under-reported and denied Chronic Lyme Disease is. She could not believe that something so devastating was not being acknowledged. My experience has been that once someone is aware of the existence of Chronic Lyme Disease and what is happening to those who are ill, they become advocates and educators, spreading the word. Like a ripple in a pond from a pebble, it becomes known when one person Speaks, and those that Hear tell others. 

Nature's Dirty Needle sheds Light on the subject of Chronic Lyme Disease and how to get help to become well. Stories from those who have suffered are told. Their stories are compelling examples filled with CourageDetermination, and Hope. Some have moved past illness, yet continue to be present for those who are still sick, shining Light and standing witness to the struggles of those with Chronic Lyme Disease. I am honored my book is seen by those who read it as a Light. I encourage everyone to read Nature's Dirty Needle and Share the Message Of Hope with everyone they know. 

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"We all strive for balance in our lives. If you find yourself striving for inner peace and a sense of harmony, it takes more than a good attitude. Our sense of self is regulated by neurotransmitters, hormones, and many other cellular functions within our bodies that influence our stamina, immune function, sexual drive, and nervous systems."

Nurse Practitioner and Energetic Healer, Mara Williams has been a health care provider for over 30 years. For 15 years, Mara worked in Hospice, helping people at the end of their life. For most of her life she has been devoted to a spiritual practice and developing her gift of working with energy. Eventually she returned to school at UCSF to earn a Masters and become a Nationally Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner so she could have a greater impact in helping people heal. Currently, she specializes in treating people with Tick Borne Diseases (TBDs), using an integrative approach to help them attain greater health and well-being. The secret to healing is discovering the root cause of the problem, and this is what Mara does best.

Besides being a provider, Mara has personal experience as a mother of a child with Chronic Lyme Disease. It has given her a greater understanding of what patients with TBDs experience in the Medical World of Western Medicine and how difficult it is to find a Lyme-literate provider who recognizes and understands the complexity of these chronic diseases.

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